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Inclination for fashion

Who we are

chisiamo1The S.T. Sbieco Tessil S.R.L. born in Martina Franca in 1996.

Our company is specialized in the production and care of the inside of both classical and sport trousers, tailoring and ceremonial.

We have over 500 models of prefabricated uderneath belt in our sample.

A collaboration with a positive and consistent numbers our customers and the continued attention to changes in fashion are synonymous of quality and guarantee.

In the field of tapes and clothing accessories, after years of hard work and dedication we have established ourselves as the main suppliers of the largest Italian fashion houses which has made us a leader in the field.We are always continuous and uninterrupted updating in order to find solutions that meet the diverse needs and new industry.

The constant availability of goods in stock and the maximum guarantee of timely delivery are further strengths of our company.

We can say it: we have a real inclination for fashion.